Robotic process automation

Discover the benefits of process automation in business.

Automate Processes at a Fraction of the Previous Costs with RPA (UiPath) technology1 . Free your employees from monotonous work and gain control over processes.

Achieve increased efficiency

Gain an employee who supports your business 24/7. Performs the most repetitive and tedious tasks.

Save time and money

Receive a return on investment even after 1 month of implementation.

Receive flawless results

Gain control over the process through dedicated reports.

Expand your team

Develop your team by entrusting creative work, for which your client will pay.

Process automation in business - see for yourself!

Subeo business automation

RPA process selection criteria

Simple and repeatable processes
Large Volume
Susceptibility to human errors
A small number of exceptions
Subeo business automation

How to start?

Step 1

We choose a process for robotization - it’s best to start with processes that have large volumes and few exceptions, and on the other hand, are characterized by a large number of repetitive activities, such as transferring data between systems, cyclically logging into portals and downloading data, generating reports, etc.

Step 2

We analyze the process - we conduct a detailed analysis of the process, create documentation for client approval, so that the client is sure of the expected effects at every stage.

Step 3

Programming the robot - we prepare algorithms, engage employees in designing their new process, this stage also includes testing the solution in a test environment, modifications, and adjusting the algorithm to the real expectations of the employees.

Step 4

Implementing the Robot - We implement the ready solution into production, train employees to work with the robot, and stay in constant contact with them in the first weeks of cooperation with RPA2 .

Subeo business automation

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