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“Unlocking Business Potential: Guiding Companies Through Digital Transformation”

At Subeo, we don’t just come from the business world; we thrive in it. Our mission? To be your trusted advisors on the exhilarating journey of digital transformation. Here’s how we make waves:

Process Consulting

Imagine us as process cartographers. We map out the organizational landscape, revealing the hidden trails and untapped gold mines. From the current state (As Is) to the future state (To Be), we help you choose the right paths. Soft or hard optimizations? We’ve got your back. And when it comes to automation technologies, consider us your compass.

Project Consulting

Buckle up! We’re the turbo boost for your automation projects. Need a project management tool? We’ll build it. Want your team to ride the change management rollercoaster? We’re the conductors. Risk management? We’ve got safety belts for that too.

RPA and M365 Infrastructure Consulting

Picture this: process automation as a high-speed train. But guess what? It needs tracks. We create custom IT infrastructure proposals to fuel your digital transformation engine. All aboard!

RPA Process Audits and Mentoring

We’re the RPA detectives, sniffing out inefficiencies. Where tweaks are needed, we roll up our sleeves and make them happen. Algorithms? We nurture them like prized orchids. And yes, we eavesdrop on business owners and employees (in a totally legal way) to craft genius solutions. Let’s ignite that spark of innovation!

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Subeo business automation

Embark on a Digital Odyssey: Your Four-Step Guide to Transformation

Step 1

The Digital Dialogue Begins
Dive into a conversation with us. It’s more than just chit-chat; it’s the start of your digital awakening. We’ll lay out the digital landscape, no sugar- coating, just the raw, exciting truth. But remember, every epic journey starts with a single step—a process.

Step 2

Assemble Your Digital Dream Team
Handpick your champions from each business realm to join our exclusive ‘Process to Automation’ workshop. We’ll nail down the details, set a date, and gear up for action.

Step 3

The Workshop Wonderland
Step into our workshop, where we turn theory into action. Through simulations, we reveal the magic of automation and the tech that makes it happen. You’ll leave not just with insights but with a concrete list of processes ripe for automation, each with its own priority tag.

Step 4

Crafting Your Custom Digital Blueprint
We don’t just wrap up; we wrap it all together. Post-workshop, we distill the essence into a bespoke automation strategy, tailor- made just for you.

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