Power Platform Academy

POWER PLATFORM ACADEMY – THE POWER OF BUSINESS is a series of training courses familiarizing business users with the technology of optimization and automation of work on the Microsoft 365® platform, which is a well-known brand of the most popular office suite in the world. Today, however, MS 365 is a platform of tools for work, collaboration, communication, project management, business process automation and creating your own, dedicated applications. POWER PLATFORM ACADEMY – THE POWER OF BUSINESS will help business people gain the skills and confidence to create their own solutions that increase productivity, collaboration and innovation in their organizations.


Purpose of the Academy

The aim of the training is to familiarize participants with the possibilities and benefits of using the Microsoft Power Platform in everyday work and solving business problems. Participants will learn how to create applications, reports, and automations using low-code tools such as Power Apps and Power Automate . We will guide you through the entire solution implementation process – from planning, architecture, business value, through the preparation of ready-made solutions.


Recipients of the Academy

The training is aimed at business people who want to skillfully use Office 365 applications and comprehensively create ready-made solutions on their own. The training does not require any programming skills or advanced knowledge of Microsoft 365 services.


Applications that during the Academy

Share point

SharePoint is a Microsoft platform that allows you to create and manage sites, pages, lists, libraries, applications, and other collaboration resources.


The list app is one of the most popular and useful applications in SharePoint that allows you to store, organize and share data in tabular form.

Power Automate

Power Automate is a Microsoft platform that enables the automation and optimization of repetitive tasks and business processes.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a Microsoft platform that lets you build custom business apps without writing code.


Academy Program

The training consists of three modules, each devoted to one of the Microsoft Power Platform services. Each module contains a theoretical and practical part, in which participants perform exercises and tasks based on business scenarios. The training participant may decide to configure the tools he wants to learn, assuming that Module I is mandatory – SharePoint + List Application , which allows us to equip the participant with basic knowledge enabling effective participation in subsequent modules.


Introduction to SharePoint

  • How does the SharePoint application work?

  • How to access,

  • How to create and manage websites, pages and applications.


List application

  • What is this?

  • How to create and configure lists?

  • How to add, edit and remove items?

  • How to sort, filter and group data?

  • How to use views and columns?


Security and collaboration

  • How to share and sync lists

  • How to manage user permissions and roles

  • How to track changes and versions of items

  • How to use alerts and notifications


Integration and automation

  • How to connect lists to other Microsoft and external services and applications, such as Excel, Outlook, Teams , OneDrive

  • Advanced features: how to use metadata, content types, templates and validation rules, how to create custom columns and views, how to use web parts and scripting applications.

Module duration: 2 days
Cost of participation: PLN 1,200 net


Introduction to Microsoft Power Automate

  • What is Power Automate and what are its benefits

  • How to access and become familiar with Power Automate

  • How to use ready-made templates and how to create your own flows

  • How to run, test and monitor flows

  • How to manage and share flows with other users


Creating flows

  • How to create flows that trigger automatically, manually or on a schedule

  • How to add and configure steps, actions, and conditions in flows

  • How to use variables, expressions, and formulas in flows

  • How to use connectors to connect to various services and applications

  • How to create flows for emails, notifications, files, forms, and surveys


Connecting flows to services and applications such as

  • Outlook

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

  • Office365Users

  • Excel


Management and administration of flows

  • Testing and debugging flows

  • Monitoring and management of flows

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing

  • Share and collaborate with other users

Module duration: 2 days
Cost of participation: PLN 1,200 net


Getting started with the Microsoft Power Apps platform

  • How to access,

  • How to use templates and create your own applications


Overview of application types


How to create new Canvas apps


Preparation of the application project

  • How to customize the appearance and functionality of the application

  • How to use colors

  • Settings for fonts, icons, media and more

  • How to use various controls such as text boxes, drop-down menus, buttons,

  • Charts

  • Data tables and much more, how to combine them with formulas and logic


Various data sources

  • Relational databases

  • Dataverse

  • SharePoint lists


PowerApps development studio overview


Building your first PowerApps application using controls:

  • Screens

  • Containers

  • Forms

  • Galleries

  • Buttons


Using PowerAutoamte flows in Power Apps


Application management and add-ons

  • How to manage and monitor applications

  • How to solve problems and errors

  • How to share and collaborate with other users

  • How to manage environments and permissions

Module duration: 2 days
Cost of participation: PLN 1,200 net

The total duration of the POWER PLATFORM ACADEMY – BUSINESS POWER: 6 days *

The total cost of participation in the POWER PLATFORM ACADEMY – BUSINESS POWER: 3600 PLN net **

* By opting for the full course, we guarantee a complimentary 6-hour Mentoring session, ensuring that participants receive support in implementing the knowledge gained during the course into operational activities.

** For internal training, the cost of the ACADEMY is determined individually.


Our trainers

Przemek Szatkowski is an experienced specialist in the field of IT technologies and solutions, as well as a Microsoft Power Platform enthusiast. His constantly growing knowledge and skills have made him an excellent expert in creating and implementing solutions based on this advanced platform. With over 10 years of experience working with various Microsoft products, Przemek is not only a technical expert, but also an excellent teacher. His ability to convey complex concepts in a way that is accessible to all participants makes him an exceptional webinar presenter. During the webinar, Przemek will show participants how to effectively use selected elements of Microsoft Power Platform to solve real business problems. Thanks to his practical approach and deep knowledge, participants will be able to gain valuable skills needed to create personalized solutions, increase productivity and optimize business processes.

Przemysław Szatkowski
Business Automation Developer

Senior Intelligent Automation Developer Developer with over 6 years of practical experience in the field of Intelligent Automation, as a Developer and Technical Lead. He gained experience in an international company providing outsourcing and consulting services. Specialist in leading Automation technologies: Microsoft Power Platform and UiPath, with experience in building SQL databases. He has carried out many projects combining various technologies for leading Polish and international clients. With the development of Microsoft Power Platform, he became interested in creating UI for end customers using Microsoft Power Apps and Process Automation on Microsoft Products, using Dataverse, SharePoint and OneDrive. In his free time, he is passionate about new technologies and Japanese motoring.

Kamil Tucholski
Business Automation Developer
Subeo Training

Key information

The total duration: 6 days

The total cost: 3 600 PLN netto.

In the case of in-house training, the cost of the Academy is set on an individual basis.

  • Przemysław Szatkowski
  • Kamil Tucholski
Registrations for the training

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Registrations for the training

Sign up for the external training.

Fill out the contact form, and we'll get in touch with you regarding this matter to discuss the details!

We also organize internal training sessions.